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By acknowledging our emotions, we can begin to have control over them and gain the strength to deal with them.

We all have emotions, happy, sad, anger, joy and love just to name a few. But sometimes these emotions can take over and it’s hard to let them go. Maybe you’ve had a stressful day at work, perhaps the school run routine went right out the window or you’ve just woken up in a bad mood. Then the day just doesn’t go right either and by the end of the day, you’re angry or just plain exhausted.

As stress and anxiety builds, it begins to creep in to your everyday life. Not just the horrible journey, or the rubbish morning you’ve had, it ripples out into work, home and relationships. But it doesn’t have to, take a moment to acknowledge those feelings and then dive into your tool box of oils.

At Oōplah we use many different ways to B A L A N C E our emotions; meditation, mindfulness, diffusing oils and sometimes eating chocolate or having a glass of wine…but you’re not here for chocolate or’re here to find out about having a tool box of essential oils to help you!

When you want to address those emotions in super quick time, then the best place to apply your oils topically is along your inside forearms. This is a super highway of veins and the oils enter your bloodstream quickly.

We love to use the Essential Aromatics oils,  six unique essential oil blends that have been carefully formulated to provide targeted grounding benefits. Each delicate blend contains pure essential oils that can be used to help balance and promote overall well-being. Just a few drops of these complex, fragrant blends can elicit profound responses.


C H E E R – promotes optimism & improves your mood throughout the day

M O T I V A T E – helps reduce tension & balances emotions

F O R G I V E – use for positive thinking & feelings of patience & contentment

P E A C E – decreases anxious feelings and promotes reassurance & peace

C O N S O L E – invites hope & positivity, provides feelings of comfort

P A S S I O N – promotes confidence & mental strength, ignites passions