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With a shift in the world we live in, with a desire for more natural, safe & effective solutions in our homes, incorporating essential oils can really help address that balance. By reducing the amount of chemicals & lightening your toxic load can really help balance your home. We love nothing more than having natural scents welcome us and our friends and family, instead of an overload of synthetic smells.

And not only are you reducing the impact on your own health but also you’re helping address the balance of a much wider circle. All the chemicals and toxins that we use, end up in the water systems which in turn ends up in our drinking water and in our oceans. It’s time to look after ourselves and our planet…as our girls says “There’s no planet B”

On Guard is the protective range from dōTERRA. It is one of doTERRA’s most popular blends, and has incredible uses and benefits. In fact everyone loves it so much that it’s available as an oil blend, a touch rollerball, softgels, beadlets, throat drops, whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, foaming handwash, purifying mist, cleaner concentrate and also a laundry detergent.

We know that’s a lot of On Guard products! If we had to choose a few then the oil blend, toothpaste and cleaner concentrate would have to be in our top 3. Using the oil blend in our diffusers to help ward of germs, especially when there’s a seasonal bug going round is a no brainer. The cleaner concentrate, which makes up to a whooping 15 (500ml) bottles of cleaner is certainly a win-win product. Not only are you using safe, effective and natural ingredients…you only have 1 plastic bottle! We purchased an amber glass bottle (to protect the oils from sunlight) online and have been making up our own cleaner ever since.

So if you’re interested in natural solutions for your home, then have a look at On Guard. There’s also a handy add on bundle you can add to your order.